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Tomatoes love full sun and to be well watered. Tomato cage, trellis, and stakes are also very handy. 


  • Amish Paste

Mature 80-90 days 8-12oz yield Large. Mostly for cooking, canning and salsa.

  • Beefsteak

Mature 80-90 days Large meaty yield. Great for eating fresh. 

  • Better Boy

Mature 72 days Firm large yield. Great for slicing. 

  • Better Bush 

Mature 68 day 8oz yield Works well in small gardens and containers.

  • Big Beef

Mature 73 days 10-12oz yield. Firm,sweet and meaty.

  • Big Boy

Mature 78 days 10-16oz yield. Great for slicing. 

  • Burpee Delicious

Mature 77 days 1-2lb Large, solid. Crack free. Great slicer.

  • Burpee Big Boy

Mature 78 days 10-16 oz Full Sun Yields until frost.

  • Brandywine 

Mature 85 days 14oz yield Sweet. 

  • Celebrity 

Mature 70 days 7oz yield. All-purpose. 

  • Chocolate Cherry 

Mature 70 days 1in yield Cluster growth.

  • Early Girl 

Mature 54 days 4-5oz yield. Good for slicing. 

  • Goliath

Mature 70-85 days 10-15oz yield Full Sun. 

  • Goliath Sunny

Mature 70 days 8oz yield Yellow tomato Very Sweet Very Juicy

  • Jet Star

Mature 72 days 8-9oz Great to eat fresh. Low acidity. 

  • Juliet

Mature 60 days 1-2oz Yield. Grape Tomato. Crack Resistant. 

  • Lemon Boy 

Mature 72 day 7oz Great Slicer

  • Mountain Delight

Mature 70 days 10oz yield. Firm. High compact yield.

  • Mountain Fresh Plus 

Mature 78 days 8-16oz yield Slicer. Great for salads and sandwhices. 

  • Mountain Pride 

Mature 72 days 6-8oz yield Large, high yield.

  • Mountain Spring 

Mature 70 days 10-12oz yield Large, firm, high yield. 

  • Parks Whopper

Mature 65 days 12oz yield Sandwhich-size meaty sweet yield. Disease resistant. Higher yield. 

  • Roma

Mature 70 days 2oz yield Compact canning tomato. 

  • Rutgers Select

Mature 73 days 6-8oz yield Slicer.

  • Super Fantastic 

Mature 70 days Large Meaty Yields all summer. 

  • Super Sweet 100

Mature 70 days 1oz yield Cherry tomato. 

  • Sun Gold

Mature 55-65 days 1oz yield Cherry tomato.


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