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Get a taste of spring before its sprung and join us for an evening of planting 
...scroll down for details.

Creat & Cultivate

As avid gardeners we know the joy that comes from watching a good combination planter mature through the seasons.

Growing from a small plug planted in the winter months, into an overflowing bucket of beauty by summer (and the pride that comes with it).

We'd love to share that joy with you. 

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Opening our greenhouse to you:

Bring your favorite combination planter or select a 12in, 14in, or 16in (an array of colors available) from us. 

12" pot $12       14" pot $18        16" pot $22

Mind you, the size of your pot will determine your price. Factoring how many plants and dirt you will need to fill it. 

You will be required to buy one bag (minimum) of dirt. Dirt provided is our dirt of choice, Berge. We use it in all of our products and for personal use. 


(pot not big enough? take the rest home for further projects.)


Flower selection will include all individual pots throughout our greenhouses (no flats included). 

Sun loving: Hybrid Geraniums, Petunias, Angelonia, Lantana, Sun Patients, Calibrachoa etc. Shade loving: Begonias, New Guineas etc. AND fillers galore.

plant price ranging from $3 - $6 per flower

Class time will include an hour and a half (plus, if needed) of guided plant time with yours truly. Providing proper planting educate, particular plant knowledge, mentor you through plant pairing, pointers for combination planter design and open Q&A. Along with a second 'Care Workshop' when you pick your planter up in May. Here we will show you proper watering, fertilizing and altogether care to keep your planter alive and well as long as you desire. 

planting workshop dates

                 APRIL  6:00pm - 8:00pm

             monday the 20th, wednesday the 22nd or friday the 24th 

care workshop(pick up)dates

                  MAY  5:00pm - 8:00pm                                                        

                  tuesday the 12th or thursday the 14th

Classes will be limited to 25 per class 
If interested in a private class (must including ten individuals) or more, contact for more information. 
How to sign up!
email :
text. call. or leave message @ (616) 401 9883
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